# Creating and Selling

# How can I sell my NFTs?

Once you bought NFTs they appear in the “My Orders” section of your profile. If you want to sell a NFT you simply click on it and then hit the “Sell” button in the lower right corner. You can then simply set a price or configure your auction. By a click on the “Update” button the sale starts. The process can take some minutes after which you’ll find your NFT up for sale on the marketplace section. Please note: Due to international regulations and Anti-Money Laundry laws (AML), we need to ask you to do a full KYC (Know-Your-Customer) / KYB (Know-Your-Business) process, before you can sell any of your NFTs.

Please send a mail to support@licenserocks.de We are happy to help you to register with us as a seller.

# Can I resell on other marketplaces like OpenSea?

As of now there are no functionalities for this since this requires development work on both ends. We are looking into this, but it is unfortunately not possible at the moment.

# How can I create my own NFTs?

If you’re a creator and interested in working with us to publish your awesome work on our marketplace, please get in touch by filling out our Creator Application Form.