# Welcome to CreatorsHub docs

CreatorsHub is the platform that makes easy to tokenize and transfer any digital asset.

As we started within the secondary market we ensure that we have all the valid claims and proofs of the seller before it gets validated by third parties and issued to be sold by potential buyers. We established an interna marketplaces for that but we are also thinking of making a license being purchasable throughout the internet.

# Quick start

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# Features

# 🎉 It just works

CreatorsHub is out-of-the-box whitelabel marketplace for your NFTs. Our product allows you quickly mint and sell your tokens.

# Lightning fast

Don't blink. CreatorsHub was built for speed. We are running our contracts on Polygon. However it's not a problem to use your contracts on any other EVM network (Mainnet, BSC, Harmony, Optimism).

# 💪 Powerful

  • Do you need fiat & crypto payments? We got your back.
  • Do you need to offer airdrops or giveaways? We can help you.
  • Do you need onboarding for non-crypto users? We offer e-mail logins, custodied wallets and many more...

# Support

Do you want demo, test access or have a general inquiry?

Please feel free to contact us at hello@licenserocks.de