# Discord Integration

# What is Discord?

Discord is a popular communication platform designed for creating communities and facilitating real-time voice, video, and text conversations. It was initially created for gamers to communicate with each other during gameplay but has since expanded to encompass a wide range of interests and communities beyond gaming.

Within a server, users can engage in conversations through text-based channels or participate in voice and video chats. These channels are organized based on different topics or purposes, making it easy for users to navigate and find relevant discussions. Users can also send direct messages to individuals or create group chats for more focused conversations.

# How can I NFTs to gate access to private Discord channels?

After you successfully purchased a NFT that contains an Access Token functionality, you can simply connect your license.rocks marketplace account to your discord account. This way you’re allowing Discord to verify your NFTs and grant you access to private channels on our server. To do this, please click the “Connect to Discord” button in your private section on the marketplace. There will be a popup by Discord asking you to allow the connection. There is no confidential information shared with us by any means. We provide Discord with the information of what NFTs you currently own, so you get automatically assigned to specific roles by Discord, which grant you access to private channels.

# Does your integration save any login credentials data?

No. Discord functions as a stand-alone application that must adhere to the respective privacy policies.

# Can you provide example use case?

Let's consider a Discord server called "MelodyVerse," which is dedicated to music enthusiasts, artists, and fans. MelodyVerse offers various channels for discussions, sharing music, collaborations, and exclusive content from artists.

Closed/private channels may serve as a platform for artists to interact directly with their fans, share updates, previews of upcoming songs, behind-the-scenes content, and engage in exclusive discussions.

By implementing token gating to this channels, MelodyVerse can create a closer connection between artists and fans. It incentivizes user engagement, rewards active participation, and provides a platform for artists to interact with their most dedicated followers.

Access to such channels may be granted only to the owners of specifc NFTs.