# Buying

# How can I buy an NFT?

This is simple. If you’ve found an NFT that you’d like to buy, you click on it, put it into your shopping cart and follow the instructions there. You can simply buy NFTs with your credit card on our Marketplace, so there’s no need to handle cryptocurrency if you don’t like to. If the NFT isn’t up for direct sale but rather for an auction, you need to place a bid.

# How do I bid on NFTs?

If the NFT of your desire happens to be up for an auction, you need to place a bid during the period of the active auction, which is displayed on the NFT in real time. Simply follow the instructions shown to make an offer.

# Is there a minimum bid requirement?

Sometimes yes, this depends on the creator of the NFT and is clearly stated in that case.

# Is my payment safe and is no money laundering?

Since we work together with professional payment providers for both, credit card and crypto payments, and we’re a legit business settled in Germany, we try to do everything we can, to obey highest standards in terms of anti-money laundering laws. This means, that all payments on our marketplace are tracked and billed correctly. Also, every NFT you can buy on our marketplace includes the German VATs.

# Where can I see the history of an NFT?

All information regarding an NFT is listed in its page on our marketplace. Simply click on the NFT you're interested in and browse through the tabs. The trading history shows exactly who created the NFT, to whom it got transferred and who owned it when.

# What is unlockable content?

Unlockable content can be additional media or simply a short text. Everything that’s in the unlockable content, will be only displayed after purchase and only to the owner of that NFT. Often time this gets used to sell otherwise unreleased songs or if there's a physical object that comes with your NFT, like a vinyl or merchandise. In this case there will be a description, how to receive those pieces.

# Can I use my credit card to buy an NFT?

Yes, you can. This is special for a NFT marketplace, and we are proud to offer you this option. Technically everything on a blockchain runs on cryptocurrency but we work together with smart payment providers to ensure a seamless experience for you. At the checkout you can simply choose Credit Card as your payment option and follow the instructions. We do the rest in the background.

# Can I use cryptocurrency to buy an NFT?

Yes, you can. Either you’re somehows connected to our marketplace with your own wallet using Metamask or you could also send Matic coins to your Magic Link Wallet, which automatically was created for you during the account creation. You can find your own Magic Link Wallet address under My Account > Payment Info. For more information regarding Magic Link Wallets and how we work, please read the FAQs under the “Getting started” section. Of course you can also buy Matic coins straight on our marketplace and use those to buy NFTs.

# My credit card payment gets declined, what can I do?

This issue usually goes back to your credit card provider / bank of issuance. Please get in contact with your provider / bank to solve this problem.

# Which wallets are supported by creators-hub?

Our platform gives a possibility to transfer tokens to a concrete wallet. It is incredibly important to use a wallet which supports polygon network and erc1155 token standard. The most famous ones are listed below:

  • Metamask
  • Trust Wallet
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Gnosis safe
  • Argent
  • crypto.com wallet
  • Math.wallet