# Getting started

# What is license.rocks?

license.rocks is using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) for licensing any digital and physical products. With its "code-free" approach, the whitelabel solution offers limitless freedom for the implementation of diverse NFT projects in various industries. How do I create my account?

With the click on the “Login/Sign Up” button you initialize your account creation. By using the “Magic Link”, which is an extremely smart solution, we offer one of the easiest and at the same time safest ways to create your account on our marketplace. If you already have a wallet, you can easily connect your wallet via Metamask in the “Login/Sign Up” section. Please note: this only works on desktop environments as of now.

# How does the Magic Link work?

The Magic Link is an innovative method of account creation and login, which works completely password-free. You will be sent an email with a link in it. This link will allow you to login straight to our marketplace. The technology verifies you as the proper user automatically in the background.

# Do I need a Wallet?

Technically yes, as the wallet is the place where tokenized assets, such as NFTs, are stored at. But here’s the thing: by creating an account on our marketplace using the Magic Link, Magic automatically also creates a Magic Link Wallet for you, which is smart and bonds to your account. You can freely buy NFTs without even caring about your wallet, as we take care of the nerd stuff in the background for you. Of course you, and only you, have full control over that wallet, which is connected to your account.

# Do I get the seed phrase for my Magic Link wallet?

In fact not. With Magic, we have a wallet partner at our side who has developed a smart solution for all those who want to dive into the NFT world without worries and without prior knowledge. The "Delegated Key Management Architecture" delegates critical encryption and decryption operations to a trusted AWS KMS and AWS Cognito - completely bypassing our and Magic's backend. This allows us to offer a "non-custodial" wallet, meaning one that we do not manage as we never "see" users' private keys or seed phrases. The safety and trust of our users is our top priority.

If you are more interested in how these wallets work, you can find more information here!

# Do I need cryptocurrency?

In fact not. Here’s the thing: we are one of very few NFT marketplaces that allow you as the user to straight buy NFTs with your credit card, not worrying about cryptocurrencies and other nerd stuff. As we take care of all the needed NFT infrastructure behind the scenes, you can freely shop your favorite artists’ latest creations.