# Users orders

On this page you'll find detailed information how to manipulate and retrieve info about certain user's profile using our public API.

# Technical details:

  • {INSTANCE_URL} is URL of current instance without slash at the end and protocol. e.g. creators-hub-instance.com
  • {USER_ID} is ID of an user you want to fetch/modify avatar from/for. e.g. 6
  • {ORDER_TYPE} is describing if order is purchased or sold. In case of displaying only bought tokens, use purchased. To display sold, use sold value.
  • {PAGE_NUMBER} is a an actual page number, which will be passsed so that orders from next page will be returned.

# Get user's current profile information

To get all user's orders

GET https://{INSTANCE_URL}/api/public/user/{USER_ID}/orders/getAll

  "orders": [
      "id": 1394,
      "totalPriceCents": 10000,
      "totalPriceCurrency": "EUR",
      "totalPriceEth": "92.506938020351",
      "status": "paid",
      "createdAt": "2023-03-07T09:50:13.077Z",
      "billingAddress": {
        "companyName": "",
        "postal": "00-000",
        "street": "testers",
        "taxId": "",
        "city": "Test City",
        "country": null
      "orderItems": [
          "quantity": 1,
          "nft": {
            "Files": [
                "fileName": "97323102877D4E97A9E50A6AD4D5D111_1_201_a.jpeg",
                "id": 1474,
                "key": "0xd061d288194a2107e6c44C34Fe85c67fC15BCeA7/nftFiles/725/cover/97323102877D4E97A9E50A6AD4D5D111_1_201_a.jpeg",
                "storageType": "s3"
            "id": 725,
            "price": 10000,
            "title": "Test Token"
          "slug": "Test Token",
          "cover": "https://creatorshub.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/0xd061d288194a2107e6c44C34Fe85c67fC15BCeA7/nftFiles/725/cover/97323102877D4E97A9E50A6AD4D5D111_1_201_a.jpeg"
  "meta": {
    "currentPage": 1,
    "offset": 10,
    "pageCount": 1

To get all user's orders with pagination and types

GET https://{INSTANCE_URL}/api/public/user/{USER_ID}/orders/getAll?orderType={ORDER_TYPE}&pageNumber={PAGE_NUMBER}