# Refreshing server info

In order to refresh Discord server info (avatar, name, ...) available on your CreatorsHub instance we got your covered. You simply need to execute /refresh command.

To begin, please navigate to any channel where bot has permissions to view messages, type /refresh in chat box input and follow further instructions. The auto-suggestions window should pop up from the top of the chat input.

Now, the /refresh command accepts two parameters:

  • creators-hub-url, which is base URL1 of your CreatorsHub instance.
  • creators-hub-secret, which is secret key used for verification that you're authorized to refresh the CreatorsHub info. The secret key can be obtained from license.rocks support team after setting up the instance.

Simply pass these parameters, then click enter to submit the command. The bot should respond with one of these statuses:

  • 🟩 green colored embed message, which description would be: "Successfully refreshed server info" . You've just refreshed server info 🥂
  • 🟥 red colored one with: "Could not refresh this server info". In most cases, the reason for failure is invalid creators-hub-secret.

  1. the base URL is nothing else but link to the website, without any subpages or query parameters. For example, if my CreatorsHub instance is available on the marketplace.my-super-cool-domain.com, it is the base URL