# Burning NFTs

In this section you will learn how to use our endpoints for burning given NFT. Purpuse of burning is to make NFT not usable anymore. You may want to do it in case owner redeems NFT for some good/service.

# How to burn NFT?

Use below endpoint in order to burn NFT. Caller must own given NFT.

GET https://{INSTANCE_URL}/api/nft/:nftId/burn
Payload (application/json)
    "reason": "Claiming certificate #123", // that's optional

# Usecases

Burning an NFT can serve as a mechanism to claim physical goods or assets. For example, a collectible NFT might entitle its owner to redeem:

  • limited edition merchandise item,
  • concert ticket,
  • real-world collectible

By validating the NFT burn, developers ensure a secure and traceable process for delivering tangible rewards to token holders.