# Transfer

# Can I link my own Wallet to the marketplace?

Yes, of course. If you happen to be an NFT veteran, you can easily connect your wallet via Metamask in the “Login/Sign Up” section. Please note: this only works on desktop environment as of now.

# How do I transfer my NFTs into another Wallet like MetaMask?

There is a function for this on your account on the marketplace! In “My NFTs” there you’ll find a button “Transfer NFT”, where you can choose an NFT, enter the public address of another wallet and start the transfer. This way you can send an NFT out to another wallet of yours or also gift a friend with an NFT you own. Please note: the receiver must be a Polygon wallet! If you’re using wallets like MetaMask, you can simply set them to the MaticMainnet and use the public address you get after you’ve set it up. Please make sure to not have any typos in the address, since this would lead in losing your NFT forever somewhere in the blockchain.

# Why can I not see my NFT in my MetaMask (or other) wallet after the transfer?

We are using the ERC1155 NFT standard. Please make sure that the wallet you are using, does fully support this standard prior to processing the transfer. As of now (1st of March 2022) for instance, MetaMask does not fully support these tokens. The transfer does technically work but you cannot see the NFT anywhere in the wallet. The mobile version seems to work better but the browser extension version seems to not show them at the moment at all. Please always refer to your wallet provider in such cases. They usually have a support section where they keep you posted about their progress in ERC1155 support.

# How do I search for NFTs?

Straight on the landing page you can see the latest drops or announcements. By clicking on “Marketplace” in the top menu bar you you’ll find all NFTs and in the search bar you can enter the keywords you’re looking. Additionally, you can browse through the “Collections” with a click on the button in the top menu bar.